O Virtus Sapientie


O Virtus Sapientie by Karen P. Thomas is from her set Lux Lucis based on texts by Hildegard von Bingen. Ms. Thomas is the artistic director of Seattle Pro Musica and she dedicated this beautiful set of three pieces to that ensemble. You can learn more about them here. I learned about Ms. Thomas from a former SLO High Choir student who is now singing in the ensemble, and met the composer/artistic director at the recent Chorus America conference in Seattle this past summer. 


The composer’s notes tell us that Lux Lucis “translates as ‘light’, and especially refers to the light of life or the light of day – it can also translate as ‘hope’ or ‘elucidation’ in certain contexts.” O Virtus Sapientie explores the energy of Wisdom, circling and encompassing all things. You will hear the expression of that theme as the individual voices are set free to sing portions of the piece in their own time, without the constraints of the conductor!