Le Train du Ciel (Train from Heaven)

Train du Ciel

Le Train du Ciel (Train from Heaven) is one of the songs Kurt Weill wrote for Marie Galante, which opened at the Théâtre de Paris on December 22, 1934 to mixed reviews, and closed in the first week of January 1935. The choral number follows a scene in which Marie is caring for the dying Josiah, a kindly old black man who had worked on the Panama Canal during the 1880’s. As he expires, a group of seven old men enter and pray the rosary accompanied by a musical underscore. Finally, they sing “Le Train Du Ciel” as a requiem. “This music, for a baritone soloist and three-part male chorus must have made a tremendous dramatic impact and sonic reverberation in the theatre.” (John Mucci – Kurt Weill Foundation for Music Newsletter) Our own Kristina Horacek is featured as soloist with the choir in the intense, dramatic piece, one of the seven principal numbers from this work, which were published in a popular format songbook by Weill’s publisher in 1935. We guarantee chills!